Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson, is one of the finest Hollywood Actress to have made it big in the realm of Movies, and by extension her life, with merely one movie series. Popularly known just by her first and last name, Emma Watson, also has a parallel life as an Activist, which has garnered her a lot of respect and attention. She is one of the eminent celebrities who began her acting career from a very tender age by starring in the movie Harry Potter, in which she brought life to the character of Hermione Granger; to be known more by the same than her real name. 

If you are to strike up a conversation with a Potter Head, do not bring up “How much do you like Hermione?”, if you don’t want them to keep talking for the next three hours, by dictating a thesis on their fondness for the Character. However, apart from her movie life what many people do not know is that Emma Watson is an extreme Car Enthusiast who happens to have an impressive fleet of Cars. Her cars are one of her most prized possession after her family and pets. 

Although, the actor turned UN Activist does not have many cars to flaunt, but what she has is surprisingly impressive and attractive. It maybe because, it is contrary to her overly simplistic lifestyle or because of the insane figure it takes to insure them. Clearly you do not believe us, allow us to put the figures out there and also put it in perspective for you. 

Silver Toyota Prius

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Silver Toyota Prius, is a compact yet fancy car that Emma uses for her drives along with her mom around the city. To quote her talking about her little possession,” …and I’m driving my little, or my quite big, bulky, ugly Toyota Prius.” She has been spotted various times in the car. The Car priced at $24,000 to $30,000 is a favourite among many other celebrities too, like Jessica Alba, Jennifer Aniston and many more. This was supposedly the first car that Emma Watson drove and therefore we assume, it has been in the family. It is a millennial car and so are the insurance rates, which are estimated to be around $1,300 - $1,800 depending on the class. Since Emma’s is the oldest from the lot, we say it is somewhere around $1,400. 

Audi S3

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Emma Watson’s second car is her Blue Audi S3, which she bought in 2015. She has been seen with this car quite a lot of times, including the times she goes out with her friends and for shopping. The blue beast costs around $43,000 and to insure this, one will have to shell another $1,800 or more annually, depending on the model.

Cadillac Escalade

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This one is the luxurious of all the cars Emma Watson owns. The black monster is rarely used by her and often saved for special nights, like the time she went for Harry Potter Premier. The four door model that she owns, would set more than $95,000. It goes without saying, that this one is a high maintenance and thus the insurance premium of $1,900-$2,200 annually seems about right. 

 Stating the obvious, celebrities need to maintain their hype and place in the system, and thus these luxurious possessions seems about right (for her).